Teluk Batik

Located about 7 km from Lumut Town, Teluk Batik is one of the most famous beaches in the state of Perak. This stretch of fine sandy beach is a popular spot for campers, picnickers and sun-lovers while the sparkling coastal water is occupy by various activities such as swimming, canoeing, boating, etc.

In fact, Teluk Batik is known to be a very ‘local’ beach as it is often visited by the local tourists and is reasonably busy everyday. Toilet facilities are available and there are plenty of food stalls around. Accommodation ranges from resort to the more relaxing beach hut.

The surrounding hill areas of Teluk Batik are inhabited by tribes of little monkeys. Occasionally, they will wander around the beach area to enjoy sun tanning while searching for food.

Dataran Hadhari

A beach square situated around the beach area that exhibits Islamic architecture. Besides the presence of the monuments, there are numerous stalls that offer a range of products – from foods & drinks to apparels & souvenirs. This spacious area is sometimes used for government/public functions.

Sea Shell Museum (Muzium Siput)

A small-scale museum located at Teluk Batik, which display all sorts of sea shells from around the world. From gigantic shells to tiny little ones, the sea shells come in all shapes and sizes, and visitors are allow to carry them for some photo-shoots.

Entrance Fee
• RM2 (Adult)
• RM0.50 (Children)

Marina Water Park

A recreational park built to fulfill the desire of water-activities enthusiast around the popular beach of Teluk Batik. Located next to Marine Cove Resort, this marine park offers a range of great facilities for both children and adults.

Entrance Fee
• RM5 (Adult)
• RM3 (Children)

Opening Hours
• 4pm – 10 pm (Mon-Fri)
• 10am – 10 pm (Sat-Sun; Pub/Sch Holiday)

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Malaysia’s First Inland Snorkeling Park

Located at Teluk Batik, this unique snorkeling park is beautifully set up with fascinating features such as waterfall, lover’s rock, mermaid sculptures, dolphin fountain, giant octopus that tries to swallow a hut and many more, not to mention the colourful coral formations and the prolific sea creatures. There are also activities available in the park which includes fishing, canoeing and boating.

Entrance Fee

Snorkelling (Fee includes life jacket and snorkeling gear)
• RM20 (Adult)
• RM10 (Children)

Entry Only
• RM10 (Adult)
• RM6 (Children)

Operating hrs: 0930 – 2300